Thanks to programmes like Gok's fashion fix we can now all look like a designer goddess at a fraction of the price.

Catwalk couture will always have its place in our hearts, because without that, we would not have the high street.

It is so nice to be able to see our favourite celeb in Heat Magazine or Grazia wearing clothing we can actually afford to buy!.

A visit to the High Street will reveal the latest styles and colours, and if we are brave we can mix and match with some classic vintage pieces, that way you can have our own individual style.

It is always worth investing in one or two designer items if you can afford to, possibly a good named pair of jeans, which will not only be a great fit, but will be a main part of your wardrobe for many years to come. The other wardrobe essential is that LBD, so useful for so many occasions, add a shirt for a more casual look, a jacket and scarf for a more formal look and of course lots of bling for the evening is the only addition you will need! ohhh shoes how could I forget the shoes!, you can look forward to choosing from the high street or internet, there are so many bargains to be had out of season if you are happy to keep your purchase for a few months! Dont forget the outlet stores, they are a complete revelation for top designers at modest knock down prices.

I get into serious trouble for buying so many new pairs of shoes or boots and other must have things, but in my defence, they are always out of season bargains, and again if you choose wisely they will match most outfits.

For the finishing touch, as I briefly mentioned above for the LBD the addition of bling will totally transform an outfit. You can have many many hours of fun choosing your accessories and if you are a clever shopper vintage is a good way to go, there is always a good Antiques and Collectors fair advertised most week-ends, and you really can pick up some bargain costume pieces, or indeed some antique jewellery at very modest prices. Look our for Vintage designer dresses You can also have great fun searching for designer labels at a fraction of the cost of new. Do try on though as old sizes and our current sizing are not the same, in fact you will be quite shocked at the difference a size 12 can be. Do not be put off by the size label, it really is irrelevant (unless you are a vintage size!! IF it fits it fits)